Guest Artists

Throughout the history of the studio, our students have been privileged to have the opportunity to study under many professional dancers and teachers.

These professional instructors have taught guest classes and workshops at Ballet Arts to help our students further develop their dance technique.

Marcus Alford
Robert Alvarez
Jacqueline Briar Baligian
Kelly Colbert Baynham
Scott Benson
Gail Bordner
Tommy Bracco
Melissa Panos Carney
Adam Cates
Braham Crane
Christy Curtis
Dana Davis
Annie Day
Christian Donnelly
Lawrence ‘Loe’ Edwards
Jarod Grimes
Corey Gosselin
Melissa Harres
Freddie Lee Heath
Willie Hinton
Alicia Howell
Shelly Isler
Katherine Johns
Betty Kovach
Monica Jones Kuznar
Sharon Lancaster
Valery Lantratov
Jack A. Mattachione
Gene Medler
Craig Messina
Alfredo Moreno
Courtney Muir
Casey Noblett
Cassie Noblett
Tony Noblett
Kurtis Overby
Quisan Parker
Aaron Parkhurst
Brad Parquette
Ingrid Pettus
Dustin Phillips
Jerry Rose
Morgan Rudolph
Chris Smith
Sarah Diane Smith
Kathryn Sullivan
Jill Taylor
Daniel Tighe
Alissa Tucker
Shanna Vanderwerker
Lee Virgilio
Daniel Watts
Brian Youngkin
Brad Parquette of the West Virginia Ballet instructs a master ballet class.


  Daniel Watts, who appeared on Broadway in the original casts of The Color Purple , Memphis, The Little Mermaid, and is currently in the Broadway show In The Heights, instructs a tap class at Ballet Arts Guest Artist workshop.   Valery Lantratov of the Moscow Ballet instructs a master ballet class.


Tommy Bracco of High School Musical and Beauty and the Beast (national tours) teaches jazz at the annual Guest Artsist Workshop. Ballet Arts Company members enjoy a master class taught by Kathryn Sullivan of STEPS. Kurist Overby, of the Arizona Broadway Theatre, in a choreography session for ‘All Stars’ Company members.
Swing Class instructed by Chris Smith. Dana Davis of the J.D. Project instructs a modern technique class. Robert Alvarez instructs a master jazz class.


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